Legal informatics papers at ACM SIGIR 2014

Some papers on legal informatics have been accepted for ACM SIGIR 2014 (the conference of the ACM information retrieval special interest group), being held 6-11 July 2014 in Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia:

  • Gordon V. Cormack and Maura R. Grossman: Evaluation of Machine Learning Protocols for Technology-Assisted Review in Electronic Discovery
  • Jyothi Vinjumur, Douglas W Oard, and Jiaul Paik: Assessing the Usability and Reusability of an E-Discovery Privilege Test Collection

In addition, Cheng Li says that the approach described in the following paper is applicable to legal information retrieval:

  • Cheng Li, Yue Wang, Paul Resnick, and Qiaozhu Mei (all of the University of Michigan): ReQ-ReC: High Recall Retrieval with Query Pooling and Interactive Classification

For abstracts and full text of papers, please contact the authors.

If you know of other legal informatics papers or posters that have been accepted for the conference, please feel free to mention them in the comments to this post.

HT Cheng Li

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