Stanford Symposium on Law and Rationality: Legal Trial, With and Without Mathematics, 30 May 2014: Links and resources

The 2014 Stanford Symposium on Law and Rationality, on the theme: Trial With and Without Mathematics: Legal, Philosophical, and Computational Perspectives, is scheduled to be held 30 May 2014, at Stanford Law School, in Stanford, California, USA.

The conference is co-sponsored by CodeX: Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.

The conference Website is at:

The conference program is at:

Here is a description of the conference, from the conference Website:

DNA evidence and forensic science have once again brought mathematics into the courtroom. Numbers and statistics have helped distinguish the innocent from the guilty, but have also led to miscarriages of justice, for example, Dreyfus, Collins, Lucia de Berk. Is mathematics relevant in law at all? Do lawyers need mathematical training in statistics and logic? Can computers support legal decision making? This conference brings together experts in law, statistics, philosophy, and computer science to address these and related themes.

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