Legal Informatics Conference Calendar: Updated as of June 2014

The legal informatics conference calendar has now been updated.

The calendar lists primarily scholarly conferences that focus on legal information systems, legal communication, legal/forensic linguistics, or egovernment (as applied to legal information), or that are known to welcome papers on those topics. The calendar also lists legal hackathons and other legal hacking events.

Click here for a list of events just added to the calendar.

Valentino Spataro’s enhanced version of the calendar is available at

Click here for a list of upcoming and recent legal hackathons.

If you know of events or other information that should be on the calendar but are not; or if you spot errors in the calendar, I’d be grateful if you would please share that information in the comments to this post.

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51 Responses to Legal Informatics Conference Calendar: Updated as of June 2014

  1. OKFestival 2014, Berlin, 15-17 July 2014

  2. June 16, 2014

  3. OKFest 2014: Open Knowledge Festival
    15-17 July 2014, Berlin

  4. July 7 submission deadline: 13th International Conference WWW/INTERNET, 25 – 27 October 2014, Porto

  5. Law and Language: Legislative Drafting and Translation
    27 June 2014, 11:00 – 17:00
    Professor Silvia Ferreri; Professor Maurizio Gotti; Manuela Guggeis; Andrè Michelle Labelle; Dr Giulia Adriana Pennisi; William Robinson; Ingemar Strandvik; Professor Thomas Glyn Watkin; Professor Helen Xanthaki.
    Organised by:
    Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
    Event Type:
    Conference / Symposium
    Venue Details:
    Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
    Charles Clore House
    17 Russell Square
    WC1B 5DR

  6. Colloque international 19 et 20 juin 2014, à Paris à la Maison de l’UNESCO
    “La pertinence d’une juritraductologie pour les universitaires, les juristes, les traducteurs et les citoyens”
    HT @hj_vibert

  7. August 15-17, 2014.

  8. LegalTech Startup Weekend Seattle 2014 , October 10-12, at Seattle University




    American and European Experiences in e-Justice: evaluation, comparison and perspectives

    September 29 and 30, 2014

    Venue: Federal University of Parana’s Law School – Praça Santos Andrade, 50, Centro, Curitiba-PR-Brazil


    Prof. Erich Schweighofer – Faculty of Law, University of Vienna – Austria
    Prof. Fernando Galindo – Faculty of Law, University of Zaragoza – Spain
    Prof. Ahti Saarenpää – Faculty of Law, University of Lapland – Finland
    Prof. Anna Di Iorio – Faculty of Engineering, Fasta University – Argentina
    Prof. Manuel David Masseno – Polytechnic Institute of Beja – Portugal
    Prof. Aires Rover – Faculty of Law, Federal University of Santa Catarina – Brazil
    Prof. Rosane Leal da Silva – Faculty of Law, Federal University of Santa Maria – Brazil
    Prof. Cesar Antonio Serbena – Faculty of Law, Federal University of Paraná – Brazil
    Prof. Fabricio Tomio – Faculty of Law, Federal University of Paraná – Brazil
    Schedule may change.
    Instructions for submitting extended abstracts on WG (Working-groups):

    Venue: The Congress will be held at Federal University of Parana’s Law School – Praça Santos Andrade, Centro, Curitiba-PR – on the 1st and 2nd floor.

    All classrooms will have media equipments (data-show) available for presentations; each exhibitor must bring his own personal computer.

    Submission of extended abstracts:

    Requirements: maximum number of words: 600; title; author’s full name (maximum of 4 authors); institutional affiliation; indication of WG topic; and 3-5 keywords.

    Languages for submission: English, Portuguese or Spanish

    Publication: Abstracts accepted by the scientific committee and presented during the Congress will be published and indexed in a electronic publication (proceedings of extended abstracts) on the Congress website.

    Deadline for Abstract Submission: 10 August 2014
    Notification of Acceptance: starting from 31 August 2014

    Working Groups topics (WG):

    e-Justice – Eletronic Justice
    Electronic Process Procedure: its challenges, purposes, problems and solutions.
    Legal logic and Deontic logic
    Formal and Computer models of Legal Arguments
    Legal Informatics
    New technologies for the Courts and the Law
    Artificial Intelligence and Law
    Software and hardware applied to the administration of Justice
    Data Protection
    Information Security
    Big Data, Open Data and Data Mining
    Cloud Computing
    Recovery Systems of Legal Information
    New technologies and/for Legal Education
    Electronic Government and Open Government: Transparency and Accountability of (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) Powers
    Efficiency and Performance of the Judiciary
    Judicial Metrics: methodologies for evaluation of the Judiciary
    Empirical research applied to Law
    Conciliation and resolution of cases on the Web
    Social Networks and Law

    Scientific Committee
    President: Prof. Cesar Antonio Serbena
    Vice-President: Prof. Rosane Leal da Silva

    Members: Prof. Fernando Galindo, Prof. Eng. Roberto Giorando Lerena, Profa. Eng. Ana Di Iorio, Prof. Fernanda Giaccaglia, Dr. Tania Bueno, Prof. Aires José Rover, Prof. John Mora, Prof. Carola Canelo, Prof. Manuel David Masseno, Prof. María Laura Spina, Prof. Roberto Mariano Pagés, Prof. Yarina Amoroso Fernández


    Research Group e-Justice UFPR, PPGD / UFPR, Capes, CNJ


    Capes, CNJ, Research Groups e-Justice UFPR and LEFIS – Univ. of Zaragoza,
    Iberoamerican Network of Universities and Institutes with Research on Law and Informatics – CIIDDI Network: FASTA University – Argentina, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Autonomous Regional University of Andes (Ecuador), Institute for Electronic Government Intelligences and Systems I3G (Brazil), Polytechnic Institute of Beja (Portugal), Faculty of Law of University of Chile (Chile), Federal University of Paraná (Brazil), National University of Litoral (Argentina), University of Zaragoza (Spain), University of Habana (Cuba)



  10. July 15, 2014

  11. Sept 8 submission deadline: CrimeNet.2014: Workshop on Criminal Network Analysis and Mining.

  12. Aug 24 submission deadline: SoHuman 2014: International Workshop on Social Media in Crowdsourcing and Human Computation

  13. The 5th International Conference on Language, Law and Discourse

    27th – 30th September, 2015

    Website under construction.

    Contact information:


  14. 2015 ASLCH conference at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC on March 6-7 (a Friday and Saturday). Panel and paper proposals are due Wednesday, October 15th, 2014.

  15. InfoSec2014: International Conference on Information Security and Cyber Forensics

  16. ISDF2014: International Conference in Information Security and Digital Forensics

  17. PSA 2015: 65th Annual International Conference; call for papers deadline: Oct 13, 2014

  18. ImBig 2014: CIKM 2014 Workshop on Interactive Mining for Big Data, Nov 3, Shanghai:

  19. The 2014 NALIT annual fall Professional Development Seminar (PDS) will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Oct. 14-17, 2014.

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