New open data site for British Parliament:

The British Parliament’s new open data site has launched in an alpha version:

I think this site is a product of the ParliamentAPI project.

The site provides access to data in multiple formats through multiple APIs.

The site is built on the CKAN open source open data platform.

Here is a description of the site:

Welcome to the first release of – the home of Open Data from the UK Houses of Parliament. This is an alpha release and contains a limited set of features and data. We are seeking feedback from users about the platform and the data on it so please contact us.

Here is a list of the data sets currently available from the site:

Lords Divisions

  • This dataset contains the data for Divisions from the House of Lords. Each Division is stored as a Data. Parliament Resource in both XML and RDF.
  • Our Linked Data API endpoint for this Dataset provides the easiest and most powerful way to access the data. From here you can access Division data as csv, html, json, rdf, text, ttl or xml formats.

Lords Questions

  • Lords Questions for Written Answer

Commons Parliamentary Questions

  • Commons Parliamentary Questions

Briefing Papers

  • If a ResourceFile for a Resource in this Dataset has the suffix “xml” and contains Briefing Paper xml file content, then whenever it is created or updated DDP will convert the content to RDF/XML and add it as an extra ResourceFile with the suffix “rdf”.

For more details, please see the site.

HT @diabulos

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