Kuhlman: Progress on Ethereum Package Manager

Casey Kuhlman‘s project to develop the Ethereum Package Manager (EPM) has made considerable progress.

Ethereum is a blockchain technology with a number of applications to law.

Casey explained the motivation for EPM in this post, in which he describes the three functions of EPM as follows:

First, Ethereum Package Manager will serve as an easy way to pull, push, and upgrade your boilerplate. Second, Ethereum Package Manager will simplify your contract development sequence by simplifying the commands to lint, test, simulate, compile, and deploy your contracts. Third, Ethereum Package Manager will provide an (opt out) mechanism for users to support the Ethereum infrastructure with tips.

EPM now has several components, written in several different languages:


  • Sublime Package for Creating and Transacting with Ethereum Contracts


  • Semi-standalone Compiler for Ethereum LLL (language: C++)


  • Ethereum Client Socket.io Listener (language: JavaScript)



  • EPM’s Engineering Blog (language: CSS)


  • Simulator for Ethereum Packages and Contracts


  • Ethereum Package Manager


  • Create, Deploy, and Manage Ethereum Contracts (language: JavaScript)


  • forked from ethereum/serpent (language: Python)


  • forked from ethereum/go-ethereum (language: Go)


  • EPM Web Site

Click here for other posts about legal applications of blockchain technology.

HT @compleatang

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