16 June 2014: GovLab legal crowdsourcing online conference: Crowdlaw in Action Part 2

A second online conference on crowdsourced lawmaking, entitled The GovLab Academy Presents: #Crowdlaw Session 2, will be held 16 June 2014, using Google + Hangouts on Air.

The conference is produced by GovLab: The Governance Lab @ NYU.

The event is described in a post by Jillian Raines at the GovLab Blog: Crowdlaw in Action Part 2: A Preview.

Here are excerpts from the announcement:

This coming Monday, June 16 from 9:30am – 11:30am EST, The GovLab Academy will host its second crowdlaw session, bringing together leaders and practitioners of #crowdlaw (i.e. crowdsourced lawmaking). In case you missed it, you can learn about projects and participants featured during our first session here.

This second session – for which you can RSVP here – will feature crowdlaw-ers from seven different countries joining together to talk about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to online and collaborative legislation and constitution drafting. […]

We will again broadcast the session using the Hangouts on Air platform, which allows for questions to be submitted from the public.

You can RSVP and join the conversation online on Monday at 9:30 am EST simply by clicking this link. You can also follow the discussion on Twitter by following @TheGovLab and using the hashtag #crowdlaw


This second session will again feature short presentations from crowdlaw experts as well as moderated discussion integrated with a Q&A with the viewing audience. (So tune in prepared with questions if you have them!) Our goal is to deepen our collective understanding of what makes a successful and legitimate crowdlaw project; to help develop meaningful best practices for crowdlaw going forward; and to inspire innovation in the field around the world. We’ll again focus the conversation around four key themes:

  • Design: What makes for successful crowdlaw projects: what works, what doesn’t?
  • Incentives: How to encourage people to participate?
  • Impediments: What are the legal, cultural, technological and other obstacles?
  • Metrics: How to measure what works and demonstrate both legitimacy and effectiveness?

For a list of participants and more details, please see the announcement.

HT @bethnoveck

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