MIT Legal Hackathon 2014: Video, storify, and resources

MIT Legal Hackathon 2014 was held 12-16 June 2014 at MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts; in London, England; in New York, New York; and online.

The event was organized by the Media Lab’s Legal Physics / Legal Science Research Team (whose Websites appear to be here and here), led by Dazza Greenwood.

The event’s Website is at:

Videos from the event are at: and

The hackpad for the event is at

The Twitter hashtags for the event included #legalhack and #legalhackathon

Click here for a storify of tweets and photos from the event.

Click here for archived Twitter tweets from the event, in .csv format.

A video describing the event is at:

The program is at:

According to the registration page:

Live small group discussion and team collaboration for this event will be conducted through MIT Media Lab Unhangout sessions and augmented by live broadcasts embedded on the conference blog […]

The event included an Unconference, for which participants can propose their own sessions:

The blog for the event is at:

The announcement of the event is at:

Here is a description of the event, from the announcement:

The MIT Legal Hackathon is an online participatory event taking place between June 12th and June 15th and serves as the kick-off of a series of projects and other activities happening through the summer of 2014. We’d like to invite ‘hackers’ to attend sessions, collaborate on relevant issues, and even create their own sessions.

The goal of the event is to bring together people to collaborate on solving legal and technical issues and challenges as law and business become fully digital. Software developers, business people, academics, government employees, advocates and others. Participants will have the opportunity to offer or join sessions to collaborate on “hacking the law” by developing computer and legal projects. The themes include :

  • Transitioning statutes, regulations and other law from paper, PDF and proprietary document formats to freely accessible open data
  • Enabling the exercise of personal data rights with user-centered consent management and open notice and other fair information practices
  • Using statistical modeling and predictive analytics to gain deeper insights into legal data sets and systems, including the propagation of Uniform Law through the states
  • Transitioning government offices to open source software
  • Advancing the tools and tests needed to express the rules in effective legal language
  • Many other themes, topics and projects…

Some of the notable activities expected at the Legal Hackathon include work on putting law online, creating innovative privacy solutions and developing apps for better access to justice. […]

There were four challenges associated with the event:

For more details, please see the Website.

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