ReInvent Law London 2014: Storify, tweets, and resources

ReInvent Law London 2014, a conference featuring presentations on "law + technology + innovation + entrepreneurship," was held 20 June 2014, at the University of Westminster Law School in London.

The conference was organized by Professor Renee Newman Knake of Michigan State University College of Law, and Professor Dr. Lisa Webley of the University of Westminster.

The conference Website is at:

The conference speakers are listed at:

The conference schedule is at:

The Twitter hashtags for the event include #reinventlaw and #reinventlawlondon

Click here for a storify of Twitter tweets and photos from the conference.

Click here for archived Twitter tweets from the conference, in .csv format.

Information about the conference is also being posted on the ReInvent Law Lab’s Twitter feed: @ReInventLaw

For more resources about this event, please see the comments to this post.

HT @ReInventLaw

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11 Responses to ReInvent Law London 2014: Storify, tweets, and resources

  1. LXBN: ReInvent Law London 2014:

    ‘ReInvent Law London 2014 is a free and open conference on the future of law. Devoted to promoting innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in the legal industry, these conferences have been described as “TED for lawyers.”’

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