Tech for Justice Hackathon, at Online Dispute Resolution Forum 2014, San Francisco, June 21-22: Links and resources

Tech for Justice Hackathon, at Online Dispute Resolution Forum 2014, is being held 21-22 June 2014, at Code for America’s offices, in San Francisco, California, USA.

Video of some presentations at Day 1 of the event is at:

The Website for the event is at:

Click here for the registration page and the conference schedule.

The Twitter hashtags for the event appear to be #techforjustice and #hackthelaw

The Twitter account for the event appears to be @techforjustice

Click here for archived Twitter tweets from Days 1 and 2 of the event, in .csv format.

Here is a description of the event from the registration page:

[…] ODR2014 is proud to host the first ever dispute resolution hackathon, where participants will spend the weekend of June 21-22nd tackling problems within [several] thematic areas, and produce prototypes that will be curated and presented to audiences at ODR2014’s UC Hastings event. […]

Here are the thematic areas that are listed on the registration page:

  • collaborative economy
  • privacy
  • cyberbullying & harassment
  • healthcare dispute management
  • environment – reporting and acting on environmental abuse through crowdsourcing mechanisms
  • intellectual property
  • landlord & tenancy – housing issues

Projects developed at the event are scheduled to be presented again at ODR 2014 on 25 June.

For more details, please see the registration page.

HT @darin_thompson

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