Hagan: The Guardianship Navigator Project

Dr. Margaret Hagan of Stanford University has posted The Guardianship Navigator Project at the blog of the Program for Legal Tech + Design.

Here are excerpts from the post:

Welcome to the project page for the Guardianship Navigator Project. We are designing new services and products to help a lay person navigate a Guardianship action.

Our group at Stanford is working with court staff & self-help center directors to revise the current process that users must go through, to make it easier to understand and get a successful resolution. We are using a human-centered design process to generate breakthrough ideas and make sure they will be usable, useful, and engaging for the users.

This page will document the ideas our design process generates, as well as the process itself. Please leave comments if you have feedback or ideas. […]

We ran a Participatory Design Sprint in May with court staff, technologists and designers to source ideas. […]

Below, find a categorized groupings of some of the ideas that emerged out of the brainstorms & discussions. […]

For more details and images, please see the complete post.

HT @LegalTechDesign

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