Surden: Computable Contracts – Part 2

Professor Harry Surden of the University of Colorado has posted Computable Contracts – Part 2, at Concurring Opinions.

Here is a summary of the post:

This is the second part of a series explaining “computable contracts.” For more about what a computable contract is, please see the first part here.

[…] The goal of this second part is to explain the intuition behind how an ordinary contract can become a computable contract.

Three Steps to Computable Contracting

There are three steps to creating a computable contract:

  1. Data-Oriented Contracting
  2. Semantic Contract terms
  3. Automated assessment of contract terms

I will discuss each of these steps in turn. […]

Click here for video of Professor Surden’s May 2014 presentation on Computable Contracts, for Professor Michael Genesereth and Dr. Roland Vogl’s course on legal informatics at Stanford Law School.

For details, please see the complete post.

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