IATE terminology database available for download; contains very large number of legal terms in multiple languages

IATE: Inter-Active Terminology for Europe, which contains a very large set of legal terms in many languages, is now available for download.

One access point is the EU Open Data Portal: https://open-data.europa.eu/en/data/dataset/iate

The main Website is at: http://iate.europa.eu/

The download page is at: http://iate.europa.eu/tbxPageDownload.do

The search interface is at: http://iate.europa.eu/SearchByQuery.do

Here is the description, from the Website:

IATE stands for InterActive Terminology for Europe. It’s the shared terminology database of the institutions of the European Union. Its main aim is to facilitate the task of the translators working for the EU, but will hopefully also be useful for other EU staff and for the public in general. […]

The domain classification system used for IATE entries is the EuroVoc thesaurus. […]

There are at present about 8.6 million terms in IATE, distributed through approximately 1.4 million entries. […]

IATE is the shared responsibility of all EU institutions and bodies involved in the project (European Parliament, Council of the EU, Commission, Court of Justice, Court of Auditors, European Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions, European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, Translation Centre), and is hosted by the European Commission in Luxembourg. […]

HT @cottinstef and @wordlo (here and here)

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