Open Data Control Legal Hackathon, 12-13 July 2014: Video, links, and resources

Open Data Control: Convergence: Legal Hackathon for Data Control, was held 12-13 July 2014, in Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and online.

The event was hosted by Open Notice, and was collocated with OKFestival 2014.

The Website for the event is at:

Videos from the event are available at:

The Twitter hashtags for the event appear to be #convergathon and #convergeathon

The Twitter account for the event is @convergathon

The schedule and speaker list for the event are at:

Click here for the etherpad for the event.

Click here for the Hacker League site for the event, which lists projects, participants, themes, rules, and other resources.

Here is a description of the event, from the event’s Website:

Open Notice is hosting a Data Control Convergence Event in Berlin, mixing different communities and efforts engaged in taking control of personal data. […]

Speakers/Attendees Include

We aim to bring up some of the ‘elephants in the room ‘ when it comes to data control, notice and consent, and data sharing. To discuss what is emerging next in Big Data, data control and privacy.

And to think big in terms of global data control and enforcement. […]

Here is a description of the legal hacking activities at the event, from the Hacker League page for the event:

Using the law for control over and access to my data, opening laws (e.g. crowdsourcing), international data transfers and Safe Harbour. Policy education around big data and data mining systems, or helping people apprehend the meaning of policies or legal systems in their understanding of how a system or data revealed might affect them.

This event is part of a series of events called Data Control and Privacy: Convergence Series.

For more details, please see the event’s Website.

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