Hagan and Kimbro: Access Hub Project: Designing new resources for legal service providers

Margaret Hagan has a new post about her and Stephanie Kimbro‘s project: The Access Hub Project: Designing new resources for legal service providers.

Here are excerpts from the post:

I’ve been working alongside Steph Kimbro to do some scoping & groundwork for an Access Hub design — that would be a resource for legal service providers (in self-help & legal aid centers) interested in integrating tech into their practice, & learning best practices for more efficient & quality services. […]

Steph received an initial ambit through the ABA’s Blueprint Project to create a participatory online platform, which would allow people working in the world of Access to Justice to pull together resources, share ideas, and create a repository of knowledge of what kind of projects have worked (and which ones have failed) in the A2J and legal aid space.

[…] [W]e began with defining ‘use cases’ — to identify what stakeholders were most central to the project, and what functions an Access Hub would help them accomplish. […]

After which, Steph whittled down to a main use case:

legal aid managers, who direct an access-oriented legal organization, who want to share & seek best practices about service delivery & also are considering integrating more tech into their practice to increase efficiency & quality


User Requirements for an Access Hub:

  • Easy to access & non-obtrusive […]
  • Not ‘another frikkin website’ […]
  • Interactivity is key […]
  • Customization to local context […]
  • Give out-of-the-box usable resources […]
  • Maintenance must be baked in […]

[…] [W]e’ll be focused in the next month on drafting possible prototypes of an Access Hub. […]

This project […] will be aimed mainly at the Legal Service Provider as the main stakeholder, to empower her & help her improve her daily workflow and quality of service.

Below, please find some of my sketches that I’ve been working on — with more developed designs to appear here over the next month.

If you have some experience in this area & have ideas for prototypes, design choices, user/system requirements, or otherwise — please leave feedback or write to us! […]

To see the sketches and for more details, please see the complete post.

HT @StephKimbro

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