Call for participation: COLIEE-14: Competition on Legal Information Extraction/Entailment

A call for participation has been issued for COLIEE-14: Competition on Legal Information Extraction/Entailment, to be held 23-24 November 2014 in conjunction with JURISIN 2014 at Keio University Kanagawa.

Here is a description of the competition:

As an associated event of JURISIN 2014, we are happy to announce a competition of legal information extraction and entailment derived from Japanese bar exams. We hope that the 2014 workshop will help establish a major experimental effort in the legal information extraction/retrieval field. The motivation for the competition is to help create a research community of practice for the capture and use of legal information.

There are two tasks in the competition; One is to extract articles from Japanese civil code which contributes to solving a bar exam yes/no question and the other is to check entailment of a question from given civil code article(s). If we could combine these methods, we could solve a bar exam question as a whole. Detailed description can be found in the above url.

All the data are available both in Japanese and English (translation from Japanese bar exams and civil code). And you can choose either (or both) of them to accomplish the above tasks.

As noted above, the intention is to start to build a community of practice regarding legal textual entailment, so that the adoption and adaptation of general methods from a variety of fields is considered, and that participants share their approaches, problems, and results.

We require participants to submit a paper on their method and experimental results using training corpus to JURISIN 2014 workshop in accordance with an instruction specified at and to present the paper at the special session of JURISIN 2014.

These papers will be reviewed in the same way of usual submission to JURISIN 2014 and an extended version could be submitted to an LNAI post-proceeding of JSAI-IsAI2014 (the name of symposium in which JURISIN 2014 is included). The selected paper will be published in the LNAI post-proceedings.

Important dates:

July 21, 2014 Training corpus Available

Aug 21, 2014 Test queries available.

Aug 28, 2014 Results submission deadline.

Sep 10, 2014 Paper submission deadline.

Nov 23-24,2014 JURISIN 2014 Workshop and assessments returned to participants […]

For application details and more information, please see the complete call.

HT Anne Gardner

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