ABA Journal Access to Justice Hackathon: Hackcess to Justice 2014: Results, storify, links, and resources

ABA Journal’s Access to Justice Hackathon — called Hackcess to Justice 2014 — was held 7-8 August 2014 at Suffolk University Law School, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Click here for the event schedule.

Twitter hashtags used for the event included #HackcesstoJustice and #hackjustice

Click here for a storify of photos and Twitter tweets from the event.

Here are the projects worked on or presented at the event, from the Submissions page:

Video of LSC president James Sandman’s opening presentation is at: https://suensemble.suffolk.edu/Watch/Hd39PyAj

Here is a description of the event, from the event’s Website:

Technology has taken a firm hold in the legal industry. Every day legal professionals use technology-enabled tools for discovery, litigation support, document assembly and information needs. But the promise of technology has been fleeting when it comes to the access to justice arena. Last year the Legal Services Corporation produced a seminal report outlining five key ways that technology can expand access to justice, especially through computers and mobile devices. […]

We are challenging lawyers, law students developers, coders and others interested in improving access to justice through technology to devise a technology-enabled solution to one of the five areas outlined in the LSC report at two-day, judged hackathon.

Prize money will be awarded to the top three hacks. […]

The judges for the event were:

A new post at ABA Journal describes the event and lists the winning projects: Victor Li: Winning apps in ‘Hackcess to Justice’ help write wills, navigate disasters and calculate jail time.

For more details, please see the event Website.

For more resources related to this event, please see the comments to this post.

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