EUCases project workshop: Towards Linked Legal Open Data in Europe, Turin, 16 June 2014: Slides, links, and resources

A workshop entitled Towards Linked Legal Open Data in Europe was held 16 June 2014 at the University of Turin, Campus Luigi Einaudi.

The event was organized by the EUCases Project, which aims to “develop a unique pan-European law and case law Linking Platform transforming multilingual legal open data into linked open data after semantic and structural analysis.”

Click here for the agenda of the event.

Here is a description of the event, from the event Website:

The objective of the workshop was to:

  • Introduce the project and its main expected outputs: The EUCases Linking Platform, The ConsumerCases online service and the EU LinksChecker add-in tools.
  • Present the state-of-the-art in Legislative XML, the basis for linked open data in the legal domain.
  • Discuss user requirements of the project’s main target audience, i.e. legal professionals who need access to case law from other Member States.
  • Identify synergies with other ongoing RTD activities operating in related areas.

Here are links to slides of some of the presentations given at the event:

HT Guido Boella

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