Zvenyach: The New Codification Movement

V. David Zvenyach gave a presentation entitled The New Codification Movement, 11 September 2014 for the MIT Legal Physics Research Team, led by Dazza Greenwood.

Here are selected notes about the presentation, from the hackpad for the event, written by Dazza and William P. Li:

Codification: put all the laws in one place […]

within the next two years, “the new codification movement” — laws will be codified in digital format

What is required? Three Stages:

1. UELMA (Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act)

  • Authentication: Provenance, ensuring that the document is authentic/has not been tampered with
  • Preserved: documents need to be kept/preserved (need a solution for primary legal materials)
  • Accessible: no arbitrary walls between public and the law

2. Law as Data

  • Data Model: what happens when a law is amended, then the original law is repealed?
  • Data Presentation: how should data be made available? bulk downloads, APIs, viewing in different formats

3. Legal Data Science

Once you have the law in a machine-readable form, what can you do with it?

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Law […]
  • Version Control […]
  • Reality Mining […]
  • Algorithmic Law […]

Call to Action:


For more details, please see the complete presentation.

HT @Colarusso

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