Zvenyach: Coding for Lawyers

V. David Zvenyach has released a book entitled Coding for Lawyers.

The book currently covers regular expressions, Markdown, HTML, data types, using arrays, and coding in Python.

The GitHub repository for the book is at: https://github.com/vzvenyach/codingforlawyers

Here is a description, from the FAQ:

[…] It’s true. Lawyers can code. In fact, if you’re a lawyer, the truth is that it’s easier than you think. I am a lawyer, and a coder. In the course of two years, I have gone from knowing essentially nothing to being a decent coder in several languages. This book is intended to drastically shorten that time for others who, like me, decide that they want to learn to code. […] At the moment, I am still making many decisions about this project, and I want your feedback. Is it worth it? Are any lawyers actually interested? Are the chapters too dense? Too easy? Are there topics that you definitely want covered? A great way to help would be to send me an email at [the email address listed in the FAQ] and let me know what you think. An even better way is to submit an issue on GitHub or submit a pull request. […]

For more details, please see the book or the FAQ.

HT @compleatang

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