Panel: Public Access to Law in a Rapidly Changing World, September 22, 2014, Washington, DC

A panel entitled Bringing Law into the Light: Public Access to Law in a Rapidly Changing World is scheduled to be held 22 September 2014 in Washington, DC.

The event is organized by the Advisory Committee on Transparency.

Here is a description of the panel, from the announcement:

Public access to law is a principle that has thrived for centuries. Without it, citizens would be powerless to navigate everyday interactions with their governments. Unfortunately, the scope of “law” has expanded rapidly and public access is struggling to keep up.

Laws passed by Congress and State legislatures are not the only documents that have the power of law. Technical standards, secret court opinions, municipal regulations, international trade documents, and more impact every American. Yet, they are often nearly impossible, if not illegal, for the public to access.

The Advisory Committee on Transparency is excited to host a conversation exploring these “secret laws” and discussing ways to boost the public’s ability to access and understand them.



HT @SunFoundation

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