Hagan et al.: Designing legal communications that resonate

Margaret Hagan, Alex Gavis, and Kursat Ozenc have posted Designing legal communications that resonate, at VoxPopuLII.

The post describes “a Legal Communication Design class at Stanford’s Institute of Design, or the d.school” in May 2014.

The class involved training students in design principles, and then having them conduct a “design sprint” in which they developed design approaches and prototypes in response to several different legal use cases, involving the provision of legal notice.

The authors conclude:

[…] Now we are planning a follow-up workshop with a more specific group of participants: lawyers who work on legal communication challenges like those in our use cases, and designers who have an interest in engaging, resonant communications. Our plan is to take the models and prototypes that emerged out of the class, and to work with the lawyers and designers to validate or upend these initial drafts. We hope to hone a more definite set of good legal communication design patterns, which can be useful to those making complex information design.

After this next-stage workshop, we are considering a controlled test of several of the most promising concepts to determine whether they have the desired effect of making contracting more understandable and simpler. […]

For more details and images, please see the complete post.

HT @LIICornell

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