African Mining Legislation Atlas Project: Pilot Launch

African Mining Legislation Atlas Project: Pilot Launch is scheduled to be held 20 October 2014 in Washington, DC, as part of Law, Justice, and Development Week 2014.

Click here for a detailed summary of the African Mining Legislation Atlas Project.

According to the summary, the project is run by the African Development Bank/Africa Legal Support Facility, and a group of universities.

Here is the abstract of the launch event:

A good legal framework is crucial to laying an adequate foundation for proper governance of the mining sector in Africa. In the face of the commodities boom and the growing trend towards transparency, several African countries have adopted new mining laws since 2001, with more revisions and new enactments expected. Many of these countries have sought comparative information and guidance on benchmark practices. There is an absence of comparative data on mining laws and no suitable templates or guidelines exist in the industry for Africa. These laws are already public documents yet their accessibility is hindered largely by lack of institutional capacity as well as a dearth of platforms for dissemination. In this light, it becomes necessary to provide a one-stop resource for African countries who are drafting new mining laws or revising existing ones. This one-stop resource aims to (i) promote transparency, accessibility and comparison of Africa’s mining laws; (ii) facilitate the preparation, revision and implementation of mining laws; and (iii) provide a living database that will catalyze research and policy debates on legal and regulatory issues.

This session presents to the general public the pilot version of the AMLA Project’s free online database of all of Africa’s mining laws and regulations with interactive features to provide comparative data, with solicitation for general user experience feedback from the audience and more specific comments from mining sector stakeholders.

Organized by Energy and Extractive Global Practice, Governance Global Practice, and Legal Vice Presidency, World Bank […]

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