Lippe and Katz: Ten predictions about how IBM’s Watson will impact the legal profession

Paul Lippe and Daniel Martin Katz have published 10 predictions about how IBM’s Watson will impact the legal profession, in ABA Journal.

Dan Katz has written a post about the article at Computational Legal Studies, where he introduces the article:

[…] I enjoyed collaborating with Paul Lippe for this short article in the ABA Journal New Normal column. We make 10 predictions about Watson’s application into the legal industry (some short term and some longer term) and preview some of our specific collaboration applying IBM Watson in the legal industry. Suffice to say there is much more to come […]

Here is an excerpt from the article:

[…] Many imagine Watson might displace lawyers for legal reasoning. We believe that systems like Watson are very unlikely to displace the reasoning processes of lawyers. But it’s equally true Watson may illuminate how rare it is that lawyers have to solve “bespoke” reasoning problems, and how common it is to apply “proven” approaches in slightly different contexts. But Watson doesn’t have to displace legal reasoning to have an impact. […]

Among Lippe and Katz’s predictions are that Watson will draw law school teaching further away from the Socratic method, encourage greater interdisciplinarity in law school curricula, foster substantial changes in information management in law firms, and give rise to new ways of conceptualizing legal knowledge.

For more details, please see the complete article.

HT Daniel Martin Katz at Computational Legal Studies

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