Call for participation: Automated summarization of legal documents task, at FIRE 2014

A call for participation has been issued for a task concerning automated summarization of legal documents, at FIRE 2014: Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation, 5-7 December 2014, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore..

Here are excerpts from the call:

[…] Legal documents by themselves always use a typical vocabulary and many long and complex sentences which make them difficult to understand by layman. A system that would summarise these documents and make them easily readable to a common man, explaining the essence without dealing with the nitigrities, would be of immense importance. Such a system can be very useful in providing preliminary legal assistance to a common person, who otherwise cannot understand the legal terminology that is usually used in such documents. This system can be of equal assistance to a lawyer or a paralegal and can save a lot of his/her time by providing precisely the information that maybe of importance to them. This year we will focus only on single source summarization and generate a separate summary for each individual case, irrespective of whether or not it is similar to another case. Both abstractive and extractive summarization would be considered valid.


The corpus consists of ~1500 judgements from the Supreme court of India. Each judgement has a corresponding headnote that is written by professionals with legal expertise. These headnote summarise the entire case starting from the original dispute to the final judgement, including the applicable penal codes, ruling by lower courts, etc. These judgements are from the period 1950-1989 and hence it covers a considerable amount of variation in language and vocabulary. The training set will consist of 1000 judgements spread over the entire period of 4 decades. The test set will contain remaining 500 documents again from the same time period. […]

Important Dates:

  • Training data release: 20 September (Released)
  • Run submission: 30 October
  • Evaluation Results: 10 November
  • Working Notes Due: 20 November


For more details, please see the complete call.

HT Parth Mehta

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