Parelon: New legislative crowdsourcing platform for Lazio, Italy

Parelon is a new online legislative system of Regional Council of Lazio, Italy, that permits crowdsourcing of legislative drafting.

Parelon is the subject of a new article in Wired Italy: Guido Romeo: Ecco Parelon, il parlamento elettronico è operativo in Lazio.

Parelon seems to be a new and augmented version of the legislative crowdsourcing platform, Sistema Operativo, developed by Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement.

Here is information about the technology of Parelon, from the platform’s Website and from Monica Palmirani of CIRSFID at the University of Bologna, which is participating in the development of the platform:

  • Parelon uses Liquid Feedback software
  • Parelon runs on PostgreSQL
  • Parelon is using Akoma Ntoso as Legal XML standard for improving the eParticipation in crowdsourcing and cooperative manner.”
  • “CIRSFID is in contact with the Parelon technical team for supporting them in the integration of LIME web editor in the Parelon platform.”
  • “[CIRSFID] intends also to experiment some gamification user-interface techniques in order to help the end-users to better participate in the bill drafting activity.”
  • AT4AM (EU Parliament) supported the project under technical point of view.”

Professor Palmirani also says: “Davide Barillari, member of the Regional Council of Lazio, presented Parelon’s architecture in Summer School LEX2014.”

Click here for an earlier post about Sistema Operativo.

Thanks to Professor Palmirani for sharing the information provided above.

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