UK Parliament Hackathon 2014: Results, links, and resources

UK Parliament Hack 2014, called Accountability Hack, was held 8-9 November 2014 at the National Audit Office in London.

Results of the event, consisting of 19 projects, are listed at:

Click here for Tracy Green’s announcement of the event at the Parliament Digital blog.

The eventbrite page for the event is at:

The discussion forum for the event is at:!forum/acchack14

Twitter hashtags for the event included #ParlyHack14 and #AccHack14

Here is a description of the event, from the eventbrite page:

A unique chance to hack NAO, ONS and Parliamentary information in one place at one time

Interested in how Parliament works; how public sector expenditure is audited; or the key statistics generated by the public sector? Then come to #AccHack14 incorporating #ParlyHack14

NAO, ONS and Parliament are holding a joint hack event to look at how they use each others information; what their users want to do with their data and information; and how to improve what they do online.

So are you an armchair auditor? Keen on Parliamentary processes? Use lots of public sector data? Then this is the event for you. There is the bonus opportunity to stay overnight in the NAO buildiing if you so desire.

There will also be a follow up event during Parliament week so that non developers can see what was achieved during the hack – more details to follow.

Who is organising the event?

  • National Audit Office (NAO) – Nick Halliday
  • Office of National Statistics (ONS) – Matt Jukes
  • Parliament – Tracy Green […]

HT @greentrac and @jukesie

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