MIT Legal PrototypeJam, 14-16 November 2014, Boston, Massachusetts

MIT Legal PrototypeJam is scheduled to be held 14-16 November 2014, at District Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Here is a description of the event, from the event’s Webpage and blog:

The MIT Human Dynamics Lab, in collaboration with LawGives, UMKC Law School, Brooklyn Law School and the MIT Kerberos & Internet Trust (MIT-KIT) Consortium, are working with City of Boston and Kansas City, MO to design and prototype an open source next generation interface for business interactions with city governments.

Designed to work for key interaction types such as business permits, small business assistance and grants, this collaboration will culminate with a combination of creative commons open licensed design-phase conceptual use cases and prototype open source, free and documented code. The creative commons and open source software license covering PrototypeJam contributions ensures that easch collaborator and any city is free to use, contribute to or fork any of the projects worked on together.

‘Every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm EST this projects related to this collaboration are developed by one or more of the partners at regular class sessions hosted by the MIT Media Lab, UMKC Law School and Brooklyn Law School. An in-person prototype jam event is planned for November 14-16 when all the collaborators can work together on the project and plan a prototype user engagement test and final semester demo presentation.

The November PrototypeJam is [… intended] to focus on use case iteration describing the intended functions and interactions for each project and rapid prototyping of each project to provide meaningful design review, practical feedback and solution development.

This in-person event is focused on providing space for current collaborators and invited contributors to work on existing project together. Additional tables at the venue and online channels will be available for members of the public who wish to contribute to the projects being prototypes at this event. For more information on how to contribute contact us […].

The PrototypeJam is organized by researchers focused on Computational Law and Big Data Systems the MIT Media Lab’s Human Dynamics Group. This event is an in-person meeting of an informal semester-long collaboration convened by the MIT Media Lab, who may be contacted here for more information on this collaboration and how other parties may get involved.

Dazza Greenwood of MIT’s Computational Law research program says that the event will include “a legal agreements and terms of use team working on a review of OpenID Connect and broader OAuth 2 legal terms and the language of user grants of permissions.”

For more details, please contact Dazza Greenwood’s Computational Law research team at MIT.

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