Orozco: Democratizing the Law: Legal Crowdsourcing

David Orozco of Florida State University has posted Democratizing the Law: Legal Crowdsourcing (Lawsourcing) as a Means to Achieve Legal, Regulatory and Policy Objectives, on SSRN.

Here is the abstract:

This article defines the emergent practice of lawsourcing, which is an extension of the increasingly popular crowdsourcing model. As defined in this article, lawsourcing occurs when a party releases an open call to online participants that requests their support to achieve a legal objective. This online call may involve private or governmental participants that leverage a crowd to achieve a legal objective. Various lawsourcing techniques fall under this umbrella and are described in this article. These practices fall under the following three broad categories: legal Q&A platforms, government participation forums, and strategic nonmarket practices. As discussed in the article, lawsourcing leverages the positive economic and social aspects of crowdsourcing. These qualities provide the foundation for lawsourcing to be a disruptive force in the current legal environment. The positive attributes of lawsourcing also indicate that it can be a powerful instrument to achieve legal reform, greater transparency with respect to the quality of legal services and improved access to the legal system.

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