Čyras and Lachmayer: Toward Multidimensional Rule Visualizations

Vytautas Čyras and Friedrich Lachmayer have published Toward Multidimensional Rule Visualizations, in Michał Araszkiewic et al. (Eds.), Problems of Normativity, Rules and Rule-Following (Springer 2015).

Here is the abstract:

This paper reviews visualizations in legal informatics. We focus on the transition from traditional rule-based linear textual representation such as “if A then B” to two- and three-dimensional ones and films. A methodology of visualization with the thought pattern tertium comparationis can be attributed to Arthur Kaufmann. A tertium visualization aims at a mental bridge between different languages. We explore how visualizations are constructed and what types can be found here. Review criteria comprise comprehension, relations, vertical-horizontal arrangement, time-space structure, the focus of attention, education, etc. Picture for review are selected from JURIX 2012 proceedings. We conclude that making visualizations as avante-garde as JURIX projects themselves is a tough task that requires knowledge of law, computing, media, and semiotics.

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