Call for papers: New refereed legal informatics journal: Legal Information Review

A call for papers has been issued for a new refereed legal informatics journal entitled Legal Information Review.

The journal’s Website is at:

The editor in chief of the journal is Susan Nevelow Mart of the University of Colorado.

The journal is published by William S. Hein and Co.

Here are descriptions of the editorial and advisory boards, from the call:

The Editorial Board: Editor-in-Chief: Susan Nevelow Mart, and Editors Paul Callister, Dennis Kim-Prieto, Lee Peoples, Shawn Nevers, Vickie Szymczak, Erika Wayne, and Ron Wheeler.

The Advisory Board: Advisor-in-Chief: Barbara Bintliff, and Advisors Andrea Hamilton, Coral Henning, Diane Rodriguez, and Kathy Skinner.

Here are excerpts from the call:

William S. Hein & Co., Inc. and Susan Nevelow Mart are pleased to announce the launch of the Legal Information Review, a new journal at the intersection of law librarianship and legal information. The journal will be published once a year.

The Legal Information Review encourages submissions of applied or theoretical work on the intersection of law librarianship and legal information, including:

  • the theoretical framework for teaching legal research (issues such as information literacy theory, adult learning theory, network theory, or other educational, social science, or psychology theories);
  • information retrieval (both manual and automated systems such as artificial intelligence and law);
  • law and policy (issues such as privacy, copyright, and security);
  • information access issues (such as making legal and government information more accessible to the public, both physically and intellectually); and
  • practice issues (analyses or applications which help lawyers in their day-to-day operations).

Legal Information Review encourages manuscripts with links to author-produced videos, PowerPoints, or other media. Articles will be available in both online and print versions. The first volume is planned for December 2015. […]

For more details, please see the complete call.

Click here for a list of other legal informatics journals.


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