Legal Informatics Conference Calendar: Updated as of January 2015

The legal informatics conference calendar has now been updated.

The calendar lists primarily scholarly conferences that focus on legal information systems, legal communication, legal/forensic linguistics, or egovernment (as applied to legal information), or that are known to welcome papers on those topics. The calendar also lists legal hackathons and other legal hacking events.

Click here for a list of events just added to the calendar.

Valentino Spataro’s enhanced version of the calendar is available at

Click here for a list of upcoming and recent legal hackathons.

If you know of events or other information that should be on the calendar but are not; or if you spot errors in the calendar, I’d be grateful if you would please share that information in the comments to this post.

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153 Responses to Legal Informatics Conference Calendar: Updated as of January 2015

  1. Jan 15-16: AAAS Science & Human Rights Coalition Meeting: Big Data & Human Rights, Washington DC

  2. extended deadline:

  3. Jan 27: Digital Democracy in the EU: from E-participation to Co-legislating with Citizens

  4. Feb 21, Toronto

    Jan 30: extended submission deadline for dg.o 2015 conference

  6. Feb 5:

  7. Mar 8 submission deadline:
    Workshop on Argumentation Mining 2015

  8. Oct 12-13: Conference on Privacy & Public Access to Court Records 2015, Williamsburg, VA

  9. Feb 11, 2015: Conference on big data & predictive policing: Can Big Data Keep Us Safe? Washington DC

  10. Feb 20 submission deadline: International Open Data Conference 2015

  11. Feb 6-7: Who Knows?: Law in an Information Society: A Festschrift in Honor of Richard Craswell, Stanford Law School

  12. March 25:


  14. Feb 27: NuLawLab Presentation on Collaborative Mapping
    Friday, February 27, 2015
    3:00pm 4:00pm
    Yale Law School
    127 Wall St New Haven, CT, 06511 United States

  15. Apr 11 submission deadline: TIR 2015: International Workshop on Text-Based Information Retrieval

  16. Mar 4: The law firm of the future: Panel discussion. Stanford CodeX

  17. April 15, 2015

  18. CodeX Speaker Series: Mark Flood and Oliver Goodenough Discuss Computational Representation of Financial Agreements, March 18, 2015, Stanford Law School:

  19. March 20, 2015:

  20. Stanford-MIT Blockchain Hackathon, March 21-22, 2015; Stanford-MIT Blockchain Workshops, March 23-24, 2015:

  21. June 15 submission deadline: HICSS 2016 e-Justice & e-Law mini track:!e-justice-and-e-law/c4c2

  22. Legislation drafting tool technology workshop, organized by team, 30 March 2015, London:

  23. 27 March 2015: Open discussion group on Open Case Law (“Open Sentenze”), focusing on the Italian legal framework, Bologna:

  24. April 10-11:

  25. 27 April 2015 submission deadline: COIN 2015 @ IJCAI: International Workshop on Coordination, Organisation, Institutions and Norms in Multi-Agent Systems:

  26. April 15 submission deadline: Call for Papers: ICAIL 2015 Workshop on Automated Detection, Extraction and Analysis of Semantic Information in Legal Texts:

  27. April 29: 2015 Legislative Data and Transparency Conference (#LDTC15), Washington DC

  28. April 24, 2015: Disruptive Innovation in Law and Technology: Oregon Law Review Symposium, Portland.

  29. Apr 24: Legal Hackers Congress – Legal Practice Version 2.0, Chicago

    Special Event – Legal Hackers Congress – Legal Practice Version 2.0 – April 24th

    Friday, Apr 24, 2015, 7:00 PM

    444 N Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL

    6 Members Attending

    The Legal Hackers Congress is the first retreat of legal-hacking, civic-hacking, and legal-tech community leaders around the world to discuss and workshop the growth of these movements. We are pleased to host the opening reception of the Congress, where we will be holding a panel on the next wave of legal practice–version 2.0. Join us for an eveni…

    Check out this Meetup →

  30. New Directions in Analyzing Text as Data Conference: October 16 and 17, 2015, New York University.

  31. July 24 submission deadline: LVI 2015: Law via the Internet Conference, 9-11 November 2015, Sydney

  32. April 17: Margaret Hagan speaks on: Next Gen Legal Services: The Possibility of Legal Design, Stanford:

  33. April 15 submission deadline: By The People: Participatory Democracy, Civic Engagement and Citizenship Education: International Conference, 3-5 December 2015, Arizona State University

  34. June 1 submission deadline: New Directions in Analyzing Text as Data Conference 2015:

  35. Session on legal data: June 13 @ 4:00 pm: Open Tech 2015, London:

  36. May 21: Visualized: Political Data, conference, Washington, DC

  37. Akoma Ntoso Summer School, 27-31 July, 2015, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia (USA):

  38. June 19 submission deadline: IANC2015 (First International Akoma Ntoso Conference): August 1st, 2015, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia (USA)

  39. Summer School LEX2015, 7-15 Sept. 2015, Ravenna, Italy:

  40. Sept 30, 2015 submission deadline: The Futures We Want in Numbers: Searching Legal Indicators for a Better World, Program of Research Committee on the Sociology of Law, at ISA Forum of Sociology 2016

  41. Transparency Camp 2015, Sept 11-12, Washington DC:

  42. registration is open for Conference on Privacy and Public Access to Court Records 2015, Oct 12-13, Williamsburg, VA.

  43. July 14, Stanford CodeX Legal Disruption Lightning Round, at Legaltech West Coast 2015, San Francisco

  44. December 7, 2015 submission deadline:

  45. Hackathon: Code the Deal, Los Angeles, Oct. 24-25, 2015

    HACKATHON! Code the Deal

    Saturday, Oct 24, 2015, 8:00 AM

    UCLA School of Law (Official)
    385 Charles Young Drive E Los Angeles, CA

    10 Legal Hackers Attending

    Code The Deal LA is the second annual legal hackathon produced by Legal Hackers that challenges participants to produce solutions that improve transactional law across multiple fields and industries. Code the Deal aims to enhance the delivery of legal services, expand access to legal services and advance the legal industry. Teams of developers, des…

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  46. August 15, 2015, Calgary:

  47. September 3, 2015: first informational meeting of Open Law Europa

  48. R Richards says:

  49. March 8, panel on artificial intelligence and law, London, with Katie Atkinson, Daniel Martin Katz, Karl Chapman, Richard Susskind, at British Legal Technology Forum 2016:

  50. Jan 11: Jam Session 001: Justice Pipes, at NY Legal Hackers:

    Jam Session 001: Justice Pipes

    Monday, Jan 11, 2016, 7:00 PM

    No location yet.

    6 Legal Hackers Attending

    Happy New Year, Legal Hackers!We are pleased to announce a brand new format for New York Legal Hackers meetups: Jam Sessions. Legal Hackers Jam Sessions are monthly small-group working sessions that are geared to address a specific problem in a quick sprint. Jam Sessions will differ from our regular panel events in two ways: (1) smaller group size…

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  51. Legal Tech Symposium @ Suffolk Law 2016: April 12, Boston

    Legal Tech Symposium @ Suffolk Law

    Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016, 10:00 AM

    Suffolk University Law School
    120 Tremont Street Boston, MA

    11 Members Attending

    It’s about time we got together again.  Mike and I are working on an event for early May, but it also happens that we’ve got an event we’re going to cosponsor at Suffolk Law in just over a month.    It’s going to be a good one. A keynote from the G.C. of Legal Zoom, followed by breakout sessions.  Every attendee will walk out of the event having le…

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  52. ICAIL 2017 to be held June 12-16, London, says Anne Gardner

  53. May 24: Evolve Law in LA.

    Evolve Law in LA

    Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 5:30 PM

    WeWork Los Angeles
    811 W 7th Street Los Angeles, CA

    10 Legal Hackers Attending can purchase tickets at the link above.Disruption, Innovation, Revolution are all terms that are tossed around the technology world. The legal industry is ripe for change but what will be that next big innovation? Join us to hear thought-provoking Darwin…

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  54. May 17: International Blockchain Real Estate Association Conference, Newport Beach, CA

    International Blockchain Real Estate Association Conference

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 8:30 AM

    Newport Dunes Resort And Marina
    1131 Back Bay Dr Newport Beach, CA

    4 Legal Hackers Attending

    To register, go to the conference website at, real estate, and law had a baby!Presenting the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA) and its first ever conference dedicated to applying Bitcoin technology to the $38 trillion real estate industry. At this full day event, top professional…

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  55. April 18-19: Workshop: Responsible Intelligent Systems in Perspective; where Computer Science, Philosophy and Legal Theory meet, Utrecht. #legaltech #ai

  56. April 18-19: Conference: Responsible Intelligent Systems in Perspective; where Computer Science, Philosophy and Legal Theory meet, Utrecht

  57. April 14: Legal Tech Forum 2016, Bologna

  58. April 29, 2016: Shape the Law Unconference for Lawyers, San Francisco

  59. Apr 11-12: BILETA 2016, Hatfield, UK

  60. April 21: NY Legal Hackers: Demo Night

    NY Legal Hackers: Demo Night V

    Thursday, Apr 21, 2016, 7:00 PM

    Location details are available to members only.

    12 Legal Hackers Attending

    Hey Legal Hackers!Join us on April 21st at Fueled Collective for another great Legal Hackers Demo Night hosted by our friends at Paladin.We will kick things off at 7PM with some drinks and networking and presentations will begin at 7:30PM. We will also have some time for some additional networking for about 15 minutes at the end of the event.Pl…

    Check out this Meetup →

  61. April 30-May 1, 2016: Consensus Building Blocks Hackathon 2016 on blockchain technology, New York

  62. July 15-17, 2016, New York:

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