OpenBazaar + CommonAccord: Tool for creating legally enforceable versions of blockchain-based agreements

James Hazard of CommonAccord and Washington Sanchez of OpenBazaar have released OpenBazaar + CommonAccord: A […] tool to help you write legally enforceable OpenBazaar contracts.

Here is a description from the site:

Client-side tools created with AngularJS to parse OpenBazaar Ricardian Contracts formatted in JSON, displaying them in stylish HTML (twitter bootstrap, responsive design), and also automagically populate the fields of CommonAccord’s legally enforceable escrow contract template.

Please note that this is for testing only, using a yet unimplemented version of the OpenBazaar contract schema. […]

A background document on this project — in which CommonAccord templates are used to create legally enforceable versions of OpenBazaar blockchain-based agreements — is available: Legal Framework For Crypto­Ledger Transactions.

Click here for other posts on legal applications of blockchain technology.

HT @eris_ltd

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