McGinnis on Computational Jurisprudence

Video has been posted of John O. McGinnis‘s presentation entitled Computational Jurisprudence, given 29 January 2015 at Stanford Law School, as part of the Stanford CodeX Speaker Series.

Here is the description from the event announcement:

Professor John O. McGinnis will discuss two issues. First, he will describe how machines are coming to disrupt the legal profession. Superstars and specialists in fast changing areas of the law will prosper — and litigators and counselors will continue to profit — but the future of the journeyman lawyer is insecure. He will then discuss in more detail the future of legal search in a world of increasing machine intelligence and its impact on jurisprudence. The key to progress in creating a better computerized legal search engine is to reduce the signal to noise ratio in the link between the user and the search engine. As this ratio decreases, legal search translates the uncompressed form of legal information into an algorithm for predicting the law. The ongoing improvement in legal search is likely to change the optimal form of the law by changing the cost of finding it. In particular, exponential increases in computational power make standards relatively more attractive than rules by decreasing the costs of standards’ application.

The presentation appears to be based on two papers:

HT Roland Vogl

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