Katz and Bommarito: Legal Analytics Course: Website, Course Materials, and Code

Daniel Martin Katz and Michael Bommarito of Michigan State University and its ReInvent Law Laboratory have launched a Website for their course entitled Legal Analytics.

The site includes course materials, slides, and code.

The site is described in their recent post at Computational Legal Studies.

Here is the course description, from the course Website:

This intro class is designed to train students to efficiently manage, collect, explore, analyze, and communicate in a legal profession that is increasingly being driven by data.

Our goal is to imbue our students with the capability to understand the process of extracting actionable knowledge from data, to distinguish themselves in legal proceedings involving data or analysis, and assist in firm and in-house management, including billing, case forecasting, process improvement, resource management, and financial operations.

This course assumes prior knowledge of statistics, such as might be obtained in Quantitative Methods for Lawyers or through advanced undergraduate curricula. This class is not for everyone; for many, it will prove to be challenging. With that warning, we encourage you to consider your interest and career aspirations against the unique experience and value of this class. To our knowledge, this is the only existing class that teaches these quantitative skills to lawyers and law students. […]

HT @computational

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