Lauritsen: On balance: Regarding reason-balancing in AI and law

Marc Lauritsen of Capstone Practice Systems has published an article entitled On balance, forthcoming in Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Here is the abstract:

In the course of legal reasoning—whether for purposes of deciding an issue, justifying a decision, predicting how an issue will be decided, or arguing for how it should be decided—one often is required to reach (and assert) conclusions based on a balance of reasons that is not straightforwardly reducible to the application of rules. Recent AI and Law work has modeled reason-balancing, both within and across cases, with set-theoretic and rule- or value-ordering approaches. This article explores a way to model balancing in quantitative terms that may yield new questions, insights, and tools.

The publisher notes:

This work is based on an earlier work: “On Balance,” in Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law. […]

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