Tech for Justice Hackathon+ Austin: Results, storify, links, and resources

Tech for Justice Hackathon+ Austin was held February 21-22, 2015 in Austin, Texas, USA.

The event was organized by the Internet Bar Organization.

Video describing the results and winners of the event is available at:

Video of the project presentations at the event is at:

The Twitter account for the event is @TechForJustice

One Twitter hashtag for the event was #techforjustice

Click here for a storify of images and Twitter tweets from the event.

Here is a description of the event, from the registration site:

[…] This legal hackathon will gather programmers, lawyers, technologists, UI& UE designers, public and private sector organizations and government agencies to tackle how to allow EVERYONE to avail themselves of our justice system, or to find methods of achieving informal justice.

TECH FOR JUSTICE Hackathon+ Austin is working in partnership with the Texas Supreme Court, the Texas Judicial Council, Texas Legal Services Center, Legal Services Corporation, and more. This hackathon is unique in its direct partnerships with legal and judicial institutions, and will focus on the creation of solutions that will directly apply to the improvement of state court systems, as well as private justice mechanisms.

Participants will spend the weekend of February 21st and 22nd tackling problems and producing proof of concepts and prototypes that will be curated and presented to worldwide audiences. After the Hackathon, participants will be incentivized to continue to develop their ideas through mentoring, data sharing, and public-private partnerships to bring ideas to fruition. […]

Want to attend? Reserve your spot now and let us know if you’re a coder, legal professional, or just want to participate in general.

Want to participate remotely? Sign-up to participate from anywhere in the world.

All registrants will be the first to receive the latest info on the Hackathon and have the opportunity to take part in events prior to the Hackathon.

Want to watch the livestream? Sign up to take a front row virtual seat via our live webcast of the event in Austin. Livestream registration does not allow for participation in the event. If you want to participate, we recommend you sign up for remote participate as soon as possible, as participant numbers will be capped. […]

HT @TechForJustice

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