There will be a temporary halt to new posts at Legal Informatics Blog until 2016, so that I can finish my dissertation. Links about current developments will be posted from time to time on Twitter, tumblr, and storify. Many thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in a few months.

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3 Responses to Pausing

  1. pmaharg says:

    Robert – you can’t! I need my near-daily fix of informatics from you – how will we info-junkies survive till the summer… Seriously, all the best with the dissertation, and an enormous thanx for all your work to date — it’s been absolutely invaluable.

  2. God speed Robert. The field is not the same without your blog; let me echo pmaharg’s gratitude.

  3. Ah pff, so you are aswell only human anyway!! After this relief on my side I wish you very productive days with perfect focus! And wish to hear from you after the pause.

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